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Home Other sites with free stock photos is one of many sites which offers high quality photos for you to use, but many websites charge you for each download, which we don't. We also don't ask for a link back to this site or any attribution. Having said that, there are always going to be times when you'll want a photo that isn't available on this site, so where can you look for other free photos?

Several stock photo library sites also have free galleries to give you a taste of the kind of photos they have available to download in their paid-for collections. A few sites also have weekly free images to download. If you visit these sites regularly and download all the images, over time you'll have quite a collection of free photos that you can use. You'll usually have to credit the photographer, link back to the photo or only have access to a lower resolution version, so please check the site's terms and conditions before you use any of the images.

Last updated: 1 May 2014
Free Stock Photo Site Type Number of free images Restrictions include
Stock Photos from 123RF
Free images available for a limited time Tens of thousands Low resolution web use only.

Free image collections Tens of thousands Requires a credit line. Limited to 10,000 physical copies.

Free photo weekly 1

Free images every week Up to 20 Editorial use only - cannot be used for any commercial purposes.

Getty Images
Embedded images Millions Embedded images may not be used for commercial purposes.
fotolia Free images every week 3 per week
Bigstock Free photo every week 1
Crestock Free image every week 1
Thinkstock Free image every week 1